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Stumps will soon be nothing more than a memory with a 3 inch deep cut on each pass. The Holt Eraser HGW30 is a self-propelled stump grinder designed for 28 inch above to 12 inch below grade cutting. With an impressive 85 degree swing arc that equals a 46 inch horizontal pass. The controls are easy to handle and can be dialed in for your specific needs with traction control adjustment and variable swing speed.

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Model Specifications
Engine30 HP - Kohler 999 cc
Root Size19
Number of Teeth16
Tooth ConstructionGreen
Engine CoolingAir
Cutting Wheel Speed1800 RPM
Cutting Height-Above Ground28
Cutting Depth-Below Ground12
Maximum Cutting Depth-Per Pass3
Maximum Horizontal Cut46
Swing Arc85
Over Torque ProtectionRelief Valve
Input Speed3300 RPM
Drive2 Wheel
Weight1820 Lbs.