Christmas Tree Stump Grinder

Eraser HGS50F

Christmas tree stumps will soon be nothing more than a memory. The Holt Eraser HGS50F is a stump grinder designed for Christmas tree stump grinding on skid steers. A 90 Hp bevel gearbox provides the power to 36 carbide tipped cutting teeth. The powder coated finish on the heavy duty frame ensures the grinder was built to last.

Click below to see the Eraser in action!
Model Specifications
Cross-over Reliefto collect over pressurizing
Motor20-42 GPM
Bevel Gearbox90 Hp
Cutting Teeth36 carbide tipped
Rotor Width6
Nylon Wrappingon hoses for extra protection
Skid Steer Plateangled for better visibility
Finishpowder coated and crated to ship
Anti-slip Stepon pads for safety
Chain Curtainto contain flying chips