ABOUT HOLT Tree Spades

The first Holt tree spade was designed and built by Jack Holt in 1957. At this time Jack was digging and moving trees by hand with 3 helpers. After many calluses and tired backs, Jack got the idea to build a frame work out of flat bar, to keep the root ball in one shape and size. This was the first Holt tree spade.

After a friend asked Jack to build him a small trailer mounted tree spade, orders began to trickle in and Jack set up a shop. Jack built himself a fleet of treespades and moved many trees over the years. This experience helped Jack design and refine his line of treespades leading the tree moving industry.

After 5 decades of building treespades Jack has chosen to let MTB MFG take over the 34"-50"rootball size spades for skidsteers and small loaders. Jack will continue to serve the needs of larger spades in the 50"-120" range for wheel-loaders, truck mounts, and trailer mounted spades.

Holt Industrial was the direct to user brand up until the end of 2018, as of Jan 1 2019 the Holt Products will be sold through the Baumalight dealer network for better aftermarket support.

The tree baskets and liners are rebranded to Settler and to be more competitive will continue to be offered direct to user under a different corporation. Production will remain in the same manufacturing facility.