Factory Discounts

Holt Industrial 1 Year Warranty applies to all discounted products.
A 1/2 skid of baskets & liners is also included in all spade purchases.
All items are also listed on eBay without Warranty and receive first priority.

Holt 34S - 5% Discount - Floor Model

HGW60R - Contact for details

5% discount on standard Basket/Liner lots sizes 40"t0 48"

Tree Baskets , Reduced , Inquire for pricing
30" 22 and 25 degree 8 gauge
45" 22 degree 7 gauge

Rental Equipment

HGW60R Self-Propelled 60HP Stump Grinder
Call for details.

Offseason pricing available - Please contact for details

US Customers

Please call or email to ask about currency discounts


Financing available for North America through Jocova Financial.

Visit http://www.jocovafinancial.com/ for more information and apply today!

Credit Assurance

Terms available for overseas on preapproved insurance